Anime Review: Asura Cryin

Asura Cryin

Review Asura Cryin

Written by Warpshadow

Rating good

A few surprises can be good for just about any show but After watching this show I now know that is a limit to just about any good thing.

Tomoharu Natsume is a boy with a very strange friend, a ghost girl named Misao who follows him around. Even with an everyday life like that it could not prepare him for the strangeness that started when he received a metal briefcase from his brother. Not only could he not open it or figure out what it was it also caused him to gain the notice of several secret societies. Little does he know that the box is in fact the key to an extradimensional mecha known as an Asura Machina.

Asura Machina is a supernatural action show with action that tends to be centered around summoned mecha. There is also a bit of comedy which is usually in the form of male centered light fan service. I believe that mysteries can make a show more interesting but in the case of Asura Machina the questions just keeping piling up until the whole show becomes an arcane jumble of unanswered questions. While this can be partially forgiven by the promise of a second season in the fall the pile of unanswered questions and poor information flow hurts the show. Even so It can be somewhat entertaining so you might like it if the genre fits your tastes.

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