Anime Review: Antique bakery

Antique bakery

Review Antique BakeryWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

If there is one very important thing that needs to be learned from Antique Bakery it is that you donít need four girls to make a slice of life show.

When he was a young boy Keichiro Tachibana was kidnapped. The experience was so traumatic that the only memory he had of the experience was that his kidnapper gave him cake every day. When he became an adult instead of taking over his familyís business Tachibana decided to open a cake shop. Yet as good as a salesman he is he is in need of someone to make those cakes. That is where Yuusuke Ono, an old classmate of his who has a devilish power to attract nearly any man as well as the ability to bake well enough to work in a three star restaurant. Even though both men are skilled in their fields will they have what it takes to make a successful cake shop?

Although the term slice of life can literally mean any story about ordinary lvies the genre is a bit skewed towards stories about young girls making Antique Bakery a welcome expansion to the genre. Even though only two are introduced in the first episode the main cast quickly expands to four characters who form a tight web of character interaction. Of special interest is the gay patisserie Yuusuke who manages to be one of the more well rounded homosexual characters in anime who doesnít exist simply as a gag or for the sake of fan service (although there is a fair amount of both with him). This show is more of a shoujo story but what makes it really different is that the story doesnít revolve around a romantic plot line. If it sounds like an interesting show to you or maybe if you are more on the fence I would simple say try Antique Bakery, it will not disappoint.

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