Anime Review: Area 88

Area 88

Review Area 88Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Area 88 is a solid action show that has an old school feel and is good enough to make you understand why that is a good thing.

Area 88 is a secret base where mercenary fighter pilots due battle in a war at the behest of the kingdom of Azlan. Makoto Shinjo has been assigned to take pictures there by an unknown employer especially of one certain pilot. That pilot is Shin Kazuma, an ace pilot who is acknowleged as the best on the base but what lies underneath his icy exterior is a mystery. Yet Area 88 is a place in the middle of nowhere where death can come in an instant and who knows when it will come for Kazuma.

Area 88 is a relatively short anime series that is probably best classified as an action show. Yet why would one watch this show when there are plenty of other action shows? May answer is that this is a show that has a strong gritty ambiance to it and doesn’t depend on flashy super weapons to hold the viewer’s interest. To put it another way this is a show for those who like action but find at least the basics of realism to be added into their shows. The vast majority of this show is episodic although to call it filler would be disingenuous as the episodes an stand on their own and work as a staple of entertainment. Overall found Area 88 to be a solid and entertaining show that I would recommend.

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