Anime Review: 10 Tokyo Warriors

10 Tokyo Warriors

Review 10 Tokyo WarriorsWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

When will I ever learn that the majority of massed produced Oavs were just not that good and why do I keep thinking that they would make good reviews?

Four hundred years ago there was a great menace to Japan called the Demon King who was defeated by the ten warriors. Now in the modern era monsters known as Kyoma have begun to stalk the land once again. However just like in olden times warriors stop them, possibly the reincarnations of the ten warriors of old. Could the time of the resurrection of the demon king be at hand? If so will the reincarnations of the ten warriors be able to save the world once again or will the world fall into darkness?

Ten Tokyo Warriors harkens back to the old days of anime, specifically the time when they made an Oav out of any and everything. It also holds a lot of the flaws of some of those Oavs, with cheap, nineties style animation being the most obvious. The length of the story is not fitting the story as there is a big jump in plot between episodes three and four which would have been better served by animating the events in question rather than have the characters angst about them. All of the of this serves to make a tale about fairly generic characters fighting demons to be something that I can not recommend to anybody.

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