Anime Review: Asu no Yoichi

Asu no Yoichi

Review Asu no YoichiWritten by WarpshadowRating good

This isn’t a really bad show when I came to watch it. Not excellent but even if it is not saying to much this show is on the better side of fan service shows.

Living in the mountains and training everyday Yoichi Karasuma was a very strong swordsman but unskilled in the ways of the world. Eager to become even stronger his father sent him to live with the Ikuragas who practice the same sword style Yoichi does. The Ikuraga household consists of four sisters led by the feisty and curvaceous Ibuki. She is normally a polite and mature girl but she is dangerous if you make her angry. As you might guess Yoichi being the untutored sort and prone to fits of clumsiness as heroes of his kind of show are Yoichi often makes Ibuki mad a lot.

At first glance Asu no Yoichi is a fairly typical romantic comedy for guys with the few twists necessary to keep it from being a copy of another show. After taking a better look I came to the conclusion that many blog posts that I have read about this show have said, namely that this show manages to beat the low expectations the show has for most people. A big reason for this is that the show’s cast is a bit more fleshed out and sympathetic than many of this genre. Overall I found this to be a decent and somewhat funny show that may be a worthwhile if you don’t have complete contempt for the genre.

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