Anime Review: 11 eyes

11 eyes

Review 11 eyesWritten by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

I have a feeling that this could have been a good show if only the main characters were a bit more interesting and the ending didnít stink. However you only get what you have in anime, not what you want.

Kakeru Satsuki is a young man with a dark past. He is an orphan haunted by not only the memory of his dead sister but also his one eye which is colored yellow and so he keeps it behind an eye patch. He has made it through these things partially with the help of his childhood friend Yuka. The two live peaceful days until one afternoon they are dragged unexpectedly into a world with a red sky and monsters that attack them. Even though they make it back equally unexpectedly whatís to say it couldnít happen again and what does it mean?

At first glance 11 eyes looks like just another supernatural action show with quite a bit of fan service thrown in to show itís dating sim roots. While itís not always true for the most part this first impression is pretty dead on leaving a mediocre experience all around. While I usually try not to talk about endings in my reviews let me warn you, there is a good chance that the final episode of this show will annoy you. That being said this show simply isnít good enough for me to recommend given that it covers genres that are better served with other shows.

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