Video Game Review: Evoland


Developer: Shiro Games

Publisher: Shiro Games

Type: Personal Computer game

Format: Digital Download

Length: 2 - 6 hours

Content rating: Mild

Review rating: 6 out of 10

Written by: Kenneth "Link1986" Russey

Evoland is a nostalgic experience, (and not the new ride by Disney) spanning multiple genres, graphical styles and interfaces. Parodies from the “Legend of Zelda,” and “Final Fantasy” can be seen everywhere, but the homages don't stop with just those series. Being as old as I am, I can remember when games started to employ the features each time Evoland unlocks it as a new mechanic in the game.

Evoland starts with a 2D monochromatic color palette, and you only having the ability to move right. You'll soon move right into a treasure chest that unlocks the ability to move left. Shortly after that will lead you to the second chest that unlocks your ability to now move up and down. This continues through the entire game with some chests avoidable, and some forced on you like a bad habit. After going from action adventure game play akin to Zelda style games, through turn based RPG battle sequences, you'll finally finish with Diablo style 3D hack and slash. Unfortunately, it is here at the end of the game that it fell apart for me.

As far as the story goes there isn't much to tell, and any little bit that I said could be considered spoiler territory. What I will say is that if you've ever played any fantasy game set in the last 20 years, you'll know exactly what the story's about.

In retrospect I can tell that creator definitely cares a lot about each and every game they parodied. That given more time and more money they would have made Evoland far better than its currant state. Regardless, at its core this is a homage to nostalgia, a longing for the better days when games invoked emotion and not a vegetative state. It is for this reason that I enjoyed the little taste of video game nirvana, that Evoland had to offer.

How Evoland got its score:

1. Great art style that really avails from the good ol' days. Good 1 point

2. Wish there was more freedom on which treasure chests I HAD to get. Bad 0 Points

3. Short game life. (Took me 3 hours to beat.) Neutral .5 Point

4. Inexpensive price. (It's $10 on Steam) Good 1 point

5. Many different “parody cameos.” Good 1 point

6. Game is not challenging, until final boss. Neutral .5 Point

7. Music is appropriate. Neither rememberable, nor annoying. Neutral .5 Point

8. Has card mini game that adds game play. Neutral .5 Point

9. Game is very funny. Good 1 Point

10. Game's called “Evoland” and there's no Pokemon jokes. There's not even any Darwin jokes. Bad 0 Points

This game was purchased digitally through Steam at the cost of the reviewer.

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