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Independent Bands

Hey bands, are you looking for some world-wide publicity? Well, you've come to the right place, because ASO Radio is looking for some talent to put on air!

The requirements are simple enough. Just use the fan mail submission form to send us the Internet address of a song you'd like to have on ASO Radio. (Please submit only compressed formats like MP3 and Ogg Vorbis.)

After you submit your song, ASO Radio's crack team of audiophiles rip it apart. If it gives us listening enjoyment we'll feature it on an upcoming Episode.


ASO Radio reaches a large world-wide audience of thousands of people per month. We will announce the band's name, Web site, and song title on an Episode. The group's fame will be spread throughout our listening public-at-large.

Additionally ASO Radio shall provide a link to the group's Web site. This shall appear on ASO Radio's home page during the tenure of the Episode within which the music is featured. Afterwards the link will be archived on our Band information page. ASO Radio requests that the musicians also provide a link back to ASO Radio from their Web site and other possible venues.


A song may not appear on an Episode immediately after submission. After review written notice will be given to the submitting party on whether the song was accepted and which Episode it will appear.

Submitted music is used expressly for ASO Radio's music segments in its Episodes. All copyright is retained by the original artist(s). Music appears on-air only through approval of its author(s) and only on the indicated Episode(s).

Past Performers

These groups and individuals have had their music featured on ASO Radio. As a way of saying thanks, we like to give links back to their sites. We hope in return that they do the same.