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nz17 Thursday, 01 March 2007 00:16:20 +0000
Subject: ASO Now on Digg, Feeds Back to Normal
Good news everybody: ASO Radio's podcast is now listed on If you have a Digg account, please go to Digg's ASO Radio podcast page and "digg" our podcast. Doing so will show its popularity and help make us even more popular! And be sure to digg your favorite Episodes too.

Since a week has now passed for people's news readers to update to the new ASO Radio podcast/newsfeed, the time has now come for us to restore things back to the way they were. So now the main feed does not redirect to ASO Radio's news feed any more, but instead displays the updates for all the Nz17 Productions sites.

At the moment, Anifanatikku and Macrobo V do not have their own newsfeeds. However that will soon change in the coming weeks. At that time each site will have its own news feed and buttons to help visitors subscribe to those feeds.

We hope you enjoy the various news feeds and content that Nz17 Productions provides. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us.