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link1986 Wednesday, 21 March 2007 23:06:34 +0000
Subject: Good Evening Gentleman.
So you may be wondering why I called you all here.
Well I didn't. I just happened to be here, and then you were here. And I said "Hey.", and you said "Hey.". Then there was that awkward silence....

So anyhow, you may be asking what I've been doing since there's been no new MRVC for Months now. Well I've been making silly videos!!! Yay!!

I was going to put it up on YouTube, but sadly it would conflict with their copyright laws, as may video is only clippings of Hentai movies to make hilarious short storys insted. Fear not to much, as all of the good parts... I MEAN THE BAD STUFF!!! (Got away with that one.) Has been cut out... for the most part. thumb's up

So I guess until I find a way without using YouTube, This Vid will remain to my eyes only.