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nz17 Friday, 15 June 2007 07:31:22 +0000
Subject: Little Updates
Howdy everyone. I know I have been neglecting the Nz17 Productions site lately, and I am sorry. However I have updated the ASO Radio Web site a little bit.

There was a bug I was unaware of that made Internet Explorer display the home page wrong, with a dark blue background for all the text boxes instead of the proper white background. That has been fixed, and I apologize if you are using Internet Explorer.

I also added the TalkShoe dynamic badge to ASO Radio's home page. It is a little JavaScript/Flash combination that lets listeners play and download ASO Episodes from TalkShoe while at the ASO Radio Web site. Speaking of which, I hope you all can listen and participate during our live recordings there at TalkShoe.

Last and certainly least, there was another bug with Internet Explorer where it would not show the black curly graphic at the bottom of the ASO Radio pages correctly. Instead of being a clear background, the graphic had a gray background. This is a limitation of Internet Explorer 6 and earlier, so if you have IE7 you may not have noticed. However for all the other IE users the graphic now appears correctly.

It is bugs like that which frustrate me when I have to deal with Internet Explorer. Other Web browsers don't have these problems, so it's always flabbergasting when I think I am finished with an update to the site's code, only to find IE throws a tantrum unless I give it special treatment by changing the code to make it happy.