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nz17 Thursday, 18 October 2007 01:12:47 +0000
Subject: Schooling Limits ASO Radio to Once Per Month
Have you ever attended a college or university? If so, you can understand how it can be an enormous, swollen, throbbing boil of pain on the backside of your life. I, Nz17, find myself in such a situation now.

As such, I am sorry to say that we must scale back ASO Radio from our goal of one Episode per week to one Episode per month. This is unfortunate, but it is better to inform you listeners of this change than to allow you to needlessly check every week, hoping for new content.

Expect updates around the major holidays of the next three months. To wit, there should be updates around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/New Year. Once this semester finishes we hope to return to a more frequent update schedule.