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nz17 Wednesday, 07 November 2007 21:26:00 +0000
Subject: Let's Play the Name Game
Okay, let's liven up the forum with a game. Now I don't know too many forum games, so I'll just do one based on a Japanese word game.

Essentially someone lists a word, and then the next person lists a word that begins with the last character of the previous word. The only other rule is that the same word can't be used more than once. I would like us to play this game, but with anime and manga titles instead.

Now English being as it is, that could prove difficult with the Romanization or translation of Japanese titles, so to make it more fair any follow-up title can start with any letter in the last syllable of the previous title.

For example, if we picked Ah! My Goddess, you could use the letters 'd', 'e', or 's'. So your follow-up could be Devilman, Eden's Bowy, or Saiyuki.

So now I'll start it with Rune Soldier Louie.