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nz17 Wednesday, 12 December 2007 22:02:46 +0000
Subject: Massive Holiday Episode Extravaganza!
So... miss me? sorry

School's been brutal, one might even say unsavory, but I have been managing to persevere. The last two of my final exams for the semester are scheduled for tomorrow and Friday, and an epic amount of study is needed to garner a decent chance at great success. This will not be pleasant.

However, I realize that my educational needs have caused me to slack in my unspoken duty to the loyal listeners of ASO Radio. In an attempt to lessen the incredible backlog of media I have to review and an attempt try to make amends with you dear listeners, I will create a humongous new Episode after the "final final" is vanquished.

I cannot say with certainty how large this Episode will be, but suffice it to say that it will contain the Vic Mignogna interview, a HotSpot review of an entire family of video games, and what might be best called "mini-gun reviews" of over a dozen anime. Expect it sometime between December 17 and December 21.