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nz17 Saturday, 17 May 2008 05:28:04 +0000
Subject: Useful Computer Applications
Since Link1986 was asking about useful alternatives to Adobe's official PDF reader, I thought I would post some good PDF readers that I have found.

The first program (and the one I personally use) is called Sumatra PDF . It uses an uncluttered interface with the most frequently used features to provide a clean and crisp experience. Sumatra PDF is available in over twenty differenty languages. It is licensed under the GPL so it is true Free Software.

The PDF reader I used to use is called Foxit Reader. It has more features than Sumatra by the use of plugins. It used to be smaller and "friendlier" but then it got quite popular. I don't like it as much as Sumatra, but if you are looking for something with an interface similar to Adobe's reader, Foxit may be considered.

If you guys find these computer program recommendations useful let me know and I'll post more in the future. If you have any applications you would like to recommend share them here.