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nz17 Tuesday, 07 July 2009 06:07:17 +0000
Subject: Forum Software Updated
It was a pain in the neck, there were lots of hiccups along the way, and it took longer than expected causing the forum to be unavailable for about a day. But, but!, I have upgraded the forum software from version 2.0.5 to 2.1.5. I figured since the old software version was out-of-date by two years, eleven months, and nine days, and I hadn't upgraded our forum in three years and five months, it might just be time to do an upgrade. laughing

So what has changed? There's been lots of bug fixes, which are good, security improvements of course, and broken features now work as expected. Expect to see the re-implementation of our Marine-inspired ranking system for our post counts, especially if you nag me about it. winking

The code is a lot cleaner, and the CSS stylesheet is now kept in a file separate from the pages, thus making the download times and sizes of pages smaller, resulting in a faster feel. Compression and a new caching feature also speed up page requests. Zoom zoom!

The users' computers' default language setting is automatically detected to display the forum interface in their language of choice (either English or German). Buttons now have icons on them, making them more visually pleasing and easier to identify.

One of my favorite new features (and one that was badly needed) is the ability to read Private Messages that you have sent in addition to the ones you have kept. So instead of just seeing what you've received, you can also read what you've sent!

Attached images are now actually visible on their attachment page when you click on them - no need to download them separately before viewing. Fancy that! But also, thumbnail image previews now show up for any images you upload to our forum in their actual thread, and it is much more obvious when there is an attachment to your posting since it shows up right in the middle above the text. Remember, forum members can upload up to five files per post (1MB limit per file), so upload your cool stuff!

Integrated Open Search: Notice that your Firefox/IE search box has turned blue? That's because you can now add our forum as a search option! Just click the down arrow on the left of your search box and add Nz17 Productions Forum search to your Web browser!

Last but not least, I discovered a hidden setting in the forum database that allows us to display images inline instead of just showing links. So instead of seeing this - - you now see this:
embedded image

Right now the inline image feature is only enabled for the Staff of Nz17 Productions. If you would like the feature for your account, please send a Private Message to me, Nz17.

So those are some of the highlights of the update in a nutshell. If you notice any bugs, errors, or unexpected behavior, let me know and I'll try to fix it right away.

Oh, and let me know what you think of our "new digs." thumb's up