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nz17 Tuesday, 07 July 2009 22:10:48 +0000
Subject: Re: Forum Software Updated
Oh yeah, I almost forgot a few things:
  • I went and changed the name of the guest account for unregistered viewers from Gast to Guest. I figured that while it gave our forum some German charm, most people who visit only know English and wouldn't know their Gast from their elbow. winking
  • I moved the Nz17 Productions Web site links (the gray bar) from the upper part of the page to the top of the page, to match the rest of our sites. Now it looks the same no matter where you see it!
  • For Private Messages, I doubled the number of messages per box (from 64 to 128) and doubled the number of storage boxes per account (from 4 to 8), which means the new total for messages is quadrupled from 256 to 1024 per user.
If you were wondering what was involved in the upgrade, well, it didn't go smoothly. First the upgrade didn't go, and I had to reassign file permissions. Additionally, the message board software now uses password salting to make our forums even more secure, and so I had to go and manually edit the text configuration file for the forum software. Then, it didn't like the more secure setup I was using, so I had to undo that. This saw most of the error messages go away. I also had to hunt for where the forum was hiding the style information for our Nz17 Productions "subProduction" theme that the forum uses, and that took at least an hour or two. I was looking for it because it needed to be updated for the new 2.1.5 version of the forum's software. Well, besides that the new software now uses a different database format, so the old database was upgraded by the software. This (mainly) went well, but the forums went missing! Well, they weren't really missing from the database, but they weren't showing up on the forum's pages. So I had to manually go into the database (several times!) and the admin configuration panel over and over to try to manipulate the data just so so that the software would recognize our forum layout with Nz17 Productions above with all the other sub-forums below. That took a lot of doing, and didn't take until the second day. But after much gentle and careful work, it did...

There's actually even more involved with what I had to do, but I will spare all the other details, especially where I had to retry things to get them to go. laughing Just know it was serious effort, and that I think it paid off in the end. smile