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nz17 Monday, 10 May 2010 04:10:57 +0000
Subject: Help Me Identify This Anime Dealing with Foreigner
OK gang, here's one that's been bugging me. I have seen an anime and have been remembering it lately but I cannot recall what the name of the show is. What I do know is that I watched it subtitled online, probably through CrunchyRoll. It is a children's shoujo anime.

In the episode I watched, the main character (a girl) meets another girl who is the niece of an old man she knows. This girl with long, blond, curled hair is from a foreign country and the main character wants to be friends with her but cannot speak anything but Japanese. She knows that the girl is leaving in only a few days and so she determines to learn how to say something to her before she leaves. She spends the next several days practicing English and finally the day arrives. She says what she wants to say perfectly, but the other girl doesn't understand. She says it again, more worried this time, but the girl still doesn't understand. Then it is revealed that the girl is French and she doesn't know English. However the French girl understands all the effort that the main girl went through, and she becomes her friend anyway. They say goodbye, and the girl departs for the airport.