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Macrobo V comic strip #32
Comic Number: 32
Title: Never Got His Wolf Badge
Creation Date: 2004-05-01
Description: "Really, folks, this one is just pure filler. Yep. Might have wanted to remember his days in the Boy Scouts, rather than the Scouts themselves. I mean, really, is V some sort of pervert, thinking of young boys at any free opportunity, or what? Then again, he's a mercenary robot, so would he be thinking of robbing and/or killing them? What a punk!"
Notes: The middle panel was supposed to be fuzzy, as he was trying to remember the past. But I was using MS Paint at the time, and it was a pure pain in the ass. Could have been Irfanview, don't really remember. Yeah.
Keywords: v boy scouts fuzzy memories wishes he was a scout master