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Macrobo V comic strip #34
Comic Number: 34
Title: Two Things to Make This Worse
Creation Date: 2004-05-04
Description: "V considers the only two worse paths available, and meets one: getting stuck on a pole. (No Polish jokes please.)"
Notes: First appearance of the pole, voted best MRVC character of 2005 by the National Macrobo Association of Memphis, Tennesee. Funny enough, the pole is the only character that doesn't talk. If that vote was a result of you guys' trying to insult my writing, I am going to hunt you down and ask why you like to hurt my feelings, because it is not funny even though you think it is.
Keywords: v knives syrings pole cloud world's sharpest God love hate what's the difference vote v 2006 cry baby wants props boo hoo