Macrobo V: The Comic

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Macrobo V

Name: V
Full name: Treatened to kill if revealed
Occupation: Mercenary for hire
Life Ambition: To amass an incredibly vast amount of money
Likes: Shinies, explosions, sadism
Dislikes: Blood, metal-eating-chipmunks

Dr. Fil Blight

Name: Dr. Blight
Full name: Doctor Fil Blight
Occupation: Entrepreneur, roboticist
Life Ambition: To amass an incredibly vast amount of money through swindling
Likes: Shinies, thriftiness, shiny bald heads
Dislikes: Expenses, salesmen, Dr. Guile

Dr. Xavier Guile

Name: Dr. Guile
Full name: Doctor Xavier Guile
Occupation: Mad scientist, brain surgeon
Life Ambition: Global domination
Likes: Robots, illegal activities, fortresses
Dislikes: Engineering, logic, gelatin


Name: U
Full name: Ultra
Occupation: Service macrobo for hire
Life Ambition: To become a Broadway actress
Likes: Flowers, cameras, cleanliness, trains, attention
Dislikes: Chocolate stains, dust bunnies

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