Article: Your favorite show and what it says about you

Your favorite show and what it says about you

Your favorite show and what it says about youFirst impressions are important even in the anime community. Part of that is what you present as your favorite show. To understand what a fan of a certain show looks like to the greater anime community I have set up this handy guide.

Ah My Goddess I read the Sears catalogue instead of buying real porn.

Card Captor Sakura I hide my lolicon fetish better than most.

Dragon Ball Z My intellectual development stalled at ten years old.

Elfin Lied I somehow think a show about a pink-haired naked girl who telekinetically slaughters people is deep.

Full Metal Alchemist I watch too much cartoon network but at least I can pretend I am deep.

Fushigi Yugi I don't need real dialogue, just have two characters chant each other's names and I'm happy.

Gravatation You remember that annoying Yaoi fan girl at the last convention? That was me.

Gundam (UC) Not only do I love giant robots I am more hard core than you. You are ruining fandom.

Gundam (Wing) Do you want to want to read my fanfics? They're yaoi.

Hellsing ZOMG vampire are like teh Awesome!!1!

Hunter x Hunter My favorite show about hyperactive, fighting preteens is more hard core than you your favorite show about hyperactive, fighting preteens.

Inu Yasha I watch Cartoon Network far too much for my own good

Kannaduki No Miko I REALLY like watching girls making out. In fact every show should be about girls making out.

Kimi Ga Nozumu Eien Porn Games really do have a story!!

Love Hina A guy getting punched into orbit for accidentally molesting someone never gets any less funny.

Maho Shojo Lyrical Nanoha You shouldn't let me near your kids.

Martian Successor Nadesico See Neon Genesis Evangelion

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Depends on favorite character Yuki: See Neon Genesis Evangelion (second part) Mikuru: See Kannaduki no Miku Haruhi: See Neon Genesis Evangelion(first part)

Naruto Either I am an idiot Newbie, believe it! or I enjoy bitching about the fact the show has turned into filler.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Either I have based my entire religion around a giant robot show or my favorite type of girl is fourteen years old and has no emotions.

Revolutionary Girl Utena I can hide my jacking off to anime characters behind a wall of obscure philosophy and operatic sword fights.

Robotech Nostalgia has ruined my sense of taste. But you better not hassle me though because I run this convention/ comic store.

Ruroni Kenshin I am a faux history buff.

Sailor Moon I am a veteran Shojo fan and probably have a chip on shoulder about American localization. That and I have a bottomless appetite for filler.

Sister Princess I have no idea what real siblings are like. That and I am a bit of a lolicon.

Teen Titans I have no *&%&ing clue what anime really is.

Tenchi Muyo I was jacking of to animated girls while you were still riding a tricycle.

Yu Gi Oh My idea of good anime is a cross between televised poker and an infomerical.

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