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Commentary Episode #130
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 Season 10 Show 13
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Wow, we did it! Fourteen years of ASO Radio C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-D, completed! Yahoo! All right! PaRappa The Rapper, you gotta believe! Ten seasons finished! Yeah, yeah, yay, woo, wooo!

...And here's to another fourteen years yet to be. We hope you all shall join us on our continuing adventures in anime talk radio broadcasting.

  • Anime Review: "Toradora!"
  • HotSpot Video Game Review: "Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS)"

Bonus: Listen to our interview with Kenneth Lindbloom of



Hello there, otaku of all ages. Guess what? Today marks fifteen years of ASO Radio on this very day, August 13th! That's right, we started in 1999 and now, in the year 2014, we have completed 15 years of ASO Radio! Oh sure, we took a few breaks here and there such as our (in)famous Hiatus from 2001 to 2003, but nonetheless we have reached the major milestone of fifteen years. That's longer than most marriages last, and by quite a bit!

To celebrate, DB3, ZGuy, and myself (Nz17) recorded a live Episode of ASO Radio as a sort of reunion show to mark the occasion. You can listen to the live, uncut version of Episode #131 on YouTube. Eventually, I will edit the audio into a proper ASO Radio Episode and upload it to this very Web site. Until then, feel free to listen to it in its current form and join the revelry!


I LIVE! And I provide photos and videos from our trip to Nan Desu Kan 2013. Visually catch up with our con trip and prepare yourself... there is something special due in a few days. Perhaps you should check back on the 13th? ^_-


Say, do you know what August 13, 2013 is? It's ASO Radio's 14th birthday! Hurray! Be sure to be here to celebrate with us as we unleash Episode #130 and conclude our tenth season of ASO Radio. Get your fan art and fan mail submitted to us soon if you want it to be included in our birthday extravaganza Episode! And we'll see you in Season 11!


Hey, we are adding a new interviews section! Check out the first addition of the section where we talk with Kenneth Lindbloom, the director in charge of a high-quality Full Metal Panic! fan movie. Find out more at after listening to our interview. ^_^


All right, we're back with a super interview with a voice actor and musician... at the same time! Be sure to check back next week when we post another interview, this time with the director of a Full Metal Panic! fan film.


Fresh Episode! Get your fresh Episode here! Whole-grain baked-in goodness!

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