Print Review: Warriors of Legend

Warriors of Legend

Review Warriors of Legend Written by Warpshadow Rating good

While I consider this a good book I am knocking down in terms of grade simply because of itís narrow focus. It is just not for everybody.

Sailor Moon was and to some extent still is a very popular anime show and manga series. It is however a Japanese show originally created for Japanese people. As such there are some references that the average foreigner would miss. So what is an English speaking fan of Sailor Moon to do? Well they could read Warriors of Legend for starters.

Warriors of Legend is a guidebook to understanding the ins and outs of Sailor Moon. The first half of the book concentrates on various landmarks that appear in the show which do or at least used to exist in real life. While this goes to show how well researched Sailor Moon is I found it to be of little practical value. The later half pays more attention to the cultural aspects of the show. This part is of more use to anime watching in general even though it is geared towards explaining Sailor Moon. While this book does well in enlightening and enhancing the experience of Sailor Moon it isnít of much use to those who donít really like the show to begin with.

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