Print Review: Naruto volumes 1-22

Naruto volumes 1-22

Review Naruto volumes 1-22Written by WarpshadowRating very good

Yeah itís the most popular manga over here and after reading it I found out that thousands of fans wearing headbands canít be wrong.

In the village Kohonagakure there lives a would be ninja named Naruto Uzumaki. He is hated by the other ninja of the village for a reason he doesnít know, that hidden inside him is the spirit of the fox demon that caused great destruction upon the land. This doesnít deter him for he has a big dream, to become the greatest ninja in the village (The Hokage) so everyone will recognize him. Even with the help of and encouragement of his friends and teammates and his greatest technique, the kagebushin, the road between him and the accomplishment of his goal is long.

Naruto is the most popular manga in the United States of America with only a few other manga series even coming close. While I do not think that the most popular manga is necessarily the best manga I also know that such popularity does not come without something to back it up. In the case of Naruto the biggest draw would have to be the cast of characters. While the main character is fairly typical for a shonen adventure lead he is balanced out by a bunch of other characters and just about anybody will find someone they like. More importantly the manga is good at making the characters connect with the reader at a gut level. Even though there are some better manga out there Naruto is well worth jumping on the band wagon.

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