Print Review: Yen Plus issues 1-3

Yen Plus issues 1-3

Review Yen Plus issues 1-3Written by Warpshadow

When manga is first made available to the Japanese public it is usuallly through an anthology that is released on a monthly or weekly basis. With manga becoming more popular in America it was only a matter of time before manga anthologies would start appearing there too. A couple months ago a new manga anthology, Yen Plus, started up for circulation. Yen Plus is a bit different and more eclectic than most manga anthologies. The usual issue of Yen Plus has eleven stories with two of the stories being American or OEL manga, four of the stories originating in Korea and five of the stories coming from Japan. Because of this Yen Plus is configured in a strange way, if you open the publication from either end you will see stories that are oriented in the way they are supposed to be read (right to left for Japanese stories, Left to right in the case of Korean and OEL stories) until you reach the middle and the orientation shifts. In issues two and three there has also been a guest chapter from another manga series licensed by Yen Press.

The eleven stories that usually make an Issue of Yen Plus are

Soul Eater A shonen adventure story about three hunters and their Intelligent transforming weapons. It has a strange art style (especially the moon) and fan service.

Nabari no Ou Miharu learns that not only do ninja exist in the modern world but that he is also the inheritor of a special technique. The difference is that unlike in most stories of this type he is indifferent to the situation.

Bamboo Blade A young Kendo Instructor makes a bet that requires him to gather together a girlís kendo team.

Sumomomo Momomo In order to carry on a strong martial arts bloodline Sumomo must marry Kouji Inuzuka even though he just wants be become a lawyer.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Even though the village of Hinamizawa looks peaceful there is a deadly secret lying underneath.

Maximum Ride Max and her friends may be normal, other than the fact that they are have the ability to fly and are hunted by beasts called erasers.

Night school Even if your supernatural you still have to go to school. Alex is a weirn (a type of witch) who has started to go to such a school.

Pig Bride When Si Joon was little boy he made a promise to marry a girl wearing a pig mask, a promise that is now coming back to haunt him.

Sasarah Ji Hae was violently rejected by the boy she loves but with a bit of celestial mercy she will have another chance with him if she can make it back to her own time.

One Fine Day a story about an anthropomorphic dog and cat but not much really happens. Sort of a slice of life and a bit adorable. Jack Frost When Noh A went to Amityville High she didnít expect to be decapitated. When she got decapitated she didnít expect to stay alive.

Overall I found this to be a worthwhile guide in not only reading for entertainment but finding out some new manga series that I may look at more in the future.

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