Print Review: SS Astro volume 1

SS Astro volume 1

SS Astro volume 1Written by WarpshadowRating good

Yes Virginia there are comic strips in Japan just like the ones you see in your local newspaper. The only major difference is that they go from top to bottom.

At Asahino integrated high school there are new faces every year and some of those new people are new teachers. Maki Izumi is a careless gym teacher. Yuko Nagumo is the Japanese teacher and a glutton. Setsuna Arai is nursing teacher who has a terrible temper. Kaname Karasuma is the foreign language teacher who has a crush on Maki. This is the story of their ordinary but humorous lives.

SS astro is an example of something called a four koma. For those of you that don’t know what a four koma is it is a four panel comic arranged into a top to bottom format. It resembles the Sunday comics you find in a newspaper more than traditional manga and you may have seen a few of these at the end of other manga you may have read. As such the plot is non existent other than the occasional theme that runs for a couple of pages. I found the jokes to be good for an occasional laugh but nothing that is exceptional. Thus I can only give SS Astro a tepid recommendation.

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