Print Review: Warcraft the Sunwell Trilogy 1-3 (complete)

Warcraft the Sunwell Trilogy 1-3 (complete)

Warcraft The Sunwell Trilogy volumes 1-3 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating good

If you are looking for a manga series that reads like a quick fantasy novel with nice artwork then this Warcraft series is the one for you.

Anveena thought she would live a simple ordinary life and did until the day she found the wounded blue dragon Kalec in the woods near her house. Not just anybody can wound a dragon so when the hunters that originally sought Kalec arrive the two had to escape. However as Kalec was investigating magic emanating from an elven artifact there are more troubling opponents than a few dragon hunters waiting in the wings. Can Kalect discover the mystery behind the Sunwell and how does Anveena tie in with the whole mystery?

Warcraft is a fairly famous franchise and now it has become a comic book (this is a collaboration between an Amercian writer and a Korean Author so country name coding is a bit difficult with this one). This manga is still fairly accessible to those new to Warcraft as volume one starts with a short but unwieldy history of the world. The plot of this comic flows like your usual fantasy novel although a good deal more quickly, to the point of feeling rushed in my opinion. On the upside I found the artwork for the Warcraft comic to be markedly above average. If you are looking for a quick fantasy fix or are just a fan of Warcraft this comic is a good purchase.

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