Print Review: Firefighter Daigo of Company M volumes 1-3

Firefighter Daigo of Company M volumes 1-3

Review Firefighter Daigo of Company M volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good

This is the story of a young man who is a firefighter just like he wanted to be as a kid. The main character may be a bit flat but at least what he does is interesting.

Ever since he was rescued from a fire as a little kid Daigo Asahina’s dream was to one day become a firefighter himself. After finishing both high school and firefighter school he was assigned to Medaka Ga Hama fire station. To his dismay that fire station was known as a very quiet neighborhood where few fires occurred. However few is very different than none and when he is put to the test Daigo learns that it takes more than just guts to be a true firefighter.

A common plot idea is the story of a young man who finds and follows some calling in life and this story about a fire fighter is a good example of this genre. For proof you need to look no further than the main character whose personality matches the foolish but talented rookie that is extremely common in this kind of story. On the plus side from what I can tell this story is pretty realistic when it comes to a firefighter's duties and there are a wide variety of challenges for Daigo so at least in the first three volumes there isn't anything stupid like a contrived tournament or unbelievable escalating fires. Overall I found this to be a decent niche manga that should be enjoyable to the right audience.

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