Print Review: Voiceful volume 1 (complete)

Voiceful volume 1 (complete)

Review Voiceful volume 1 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating good

Short stories are usually not my favorite type of manga but I found Voiceful to be at very least an enjoyable manga snacklet.

Kanae is a girl that hid from the world because she had no self confidence. That started to change when she heard of the online idol Hina. An undreamt coincidence occurred when Kanae met Hina in real life. Flustered well beyond clear thought Kanae could do nothing more than say some compliments and offer Hina a snack she had at the time. Later while online Kanae finds out that Hina is very interested in her and wishes to see her again.

Voiceful is a story about two girls and a friendship that is borders on love which is something that brings faith and confidence to them both. Although this is a manga that has a yuri label on it don't go into it (or avoid it for that matter) expecting a story that is overtly sexual or filled with fan service. This is a short story lasting only one volume with the final pages being filled with another one chapter story. I give this manga a mild recommendation as it is a nice story but nothing that is all that amazing.

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