Print Review: Girl's Bravo volumes 1-3

Girl's Bravo volumes 1-3

Girl’s Bravo volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

To be blunt Girl’s Bravo is a low taste fan service manga that only really appeals to those looking for a story with hot girls and little else of interest.

Many young men have trouble with women but Yukinari Sasaki has it worse than most. As a result of bullying from girls he gets hives when he touches them. One day when his childhood friend Kirie punches him after he walks in on her when she is using his bathroom and ends up knocking him into another dimension. It's destination is planet Siren which is ninety percent populated by women. However not all is bad for Yukinari as he meets Miharu, a nice girl who doesn't even trigger his female phobia. While it may sound like Yukinari has finally gotten his lucky break in truth it's only the beginning of his wacky problems.

To put it simply Girls Bravo is a fan service comedy. Just about any given chapter consists of whatever insanity the author can dream up matched with an excuse to see women's naughty bits. The comedy portions of this manga is fair but the artwork which detirmines the quality of the fan service is quite good. However if you are looking for anything more or something with a bit of depth to it I suggest you look elsewhere. As for recommendations you probably know who you are if you are the type of person that wants to read this manga.

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