Print Review: Train + Train volumes 1-4

Train + Train volumes 1-4

Train (plus) Train volumes 1-4Written by WarpshadowRating good

Train Train is a manga that tries and to some extent succeeds at being a philosophical story but it doesn’t really succeed at good artwork.

There are many fascinating things on Planet Delcoa but perhaps the most interesting thing of all is the school trains which take students to special onsite training. Reiichi was planning on taking the general studies train. However an unusual incident got him handcuffed to a girl named Arena. Arena was planning on going on the special train and since she is stronger and more willful than he ends up going on the special train as well. The special train is a curriculum to train leaders and it will also be an experience that neither Reiichi or Arena will ever forget.

Train Train is a take on the idea of a picaresque story where the characters travel from place to place and the locations all contain self enclosed stories with an obvious moral or philosophical musing to each of them. As usual the quality of these stand alone stories varies but I found at least a couple of them to be rather interesting. On the other hand the artwork is kind of rough and certainly doesn't match up to the quality of the story. Overall I found this to be a decent manga series but nothing to far out of the ordinary.

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