Print Review: Tokyo Boys and Girls volumes 1-3

Tokyo Boys and Girls volumes 1-3

Review Tokyo Boys and Girls volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good

I have read several shojo titles that I would deem above average. However by interference that means that there are simply average titles, say like this one.

Mimori Kousaka dreamed of entering Medai attached high school so she could wear their uniforms. That high school had two buildings with girls in one building and boys in the other. That means that she won't be seeing too many boys unless she is the class rep which unsurprisingly she becomes.On the other side of school she runs into a dangerous looking boy named Atsushi Haruta. He claims that he already knows Mimori and that he is now plotting revenge against her. High school is always a difficult time but for Mimori things are about to become unbearably complicated.Every now and then when I am reviewing a title that makes me feel a little bit conflicted. One the surface this is a good shojo romance that doesn't feel endlessly drawn out like many romances are. On the other hand the characters lack a strong presence which allows them to stand out from all the other main characters in the other stories of this genre. It's a very average romantic story that doesn't have any other draws to make Tokyo Boys and Girls palatable to a wider audience. If you read a lot of shojo manga you might like this one but just about everyone else can give this one a pass.

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