Print Review: Puri Puri Volumes 1-3

Puri Puri Volumes 1-3

Puri Puri Volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

To some people religion and fan service go together like peanut butter and motor oil but if you really like fan service they are probably a better match.

Masato Kamioda always wanted to become a priest and with some help from his father he was able to enter Saint Sophia which had a well known divinities program. However in the recent decades the school has become an all girls school. Being the only boy in a girl's school which naturally raises a bit more than a few eyebrows. This is made all the more troublesome by the fact he is trying to become a priest in an environment where things that cause impure thought surround him at all hours of the day.

Perhaps the basic building block of a romantic comedy aimed at men is a story about a guy and his encounters with girls and fan service which is dragged out as long as his wussy personality allows. Puri puri changes this basic formula only slightly in that the main character is initially set up not to choose any of the girls in a ploy to keep some of the pressure of audience expectation off him. The use of religion in this manga is mainly to facilitate this purpose which may be a bit crass but would rank as a bit tasteless rather than outright offensive. The artwork is decent but nothing special. Overall this is just another fan service manga and appeals only to it's target audience.

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