Print Review: Mamotte Shugogettan volume 1

Mamotte Shugogettan volume 1

Review Mamotte Shugogettan volume 1Written by WarpshadowRating fair

Just as every genre as works that are considered revolutionary there are trite and without originality or soul. Mamotte Shugogetten is one such boring title.

Tasuke was just a normal boy who received a gift of a ring. However that was no ordinary ring as when he inspected it a girl named Shaoren came out of it. She is a Shugogetten; a moon spirit that will protect the owner of the ring from misfortune if he has a pure heart. However Shaoren is a very old spirit and has no knowledge of the modern world and so her efforts to protect Tasuke are marred by her ignorance. However will the two be able to get closer or will she drive him crazy?

Mamotte Shugogettan is a fairly textbook example of a story about a magical girl who falls out of the sky and declares her undying loyalty to some nondescript young man. However as there are quite a few stories of this type to make it worth reading to anybody other than the small amount of people willing to read every story of this genre. However when it comes to interesting twists and genre subversions this manga is sadly lacking leaving only a by the numbers type of story with characters that look familiar if you have seen any other manga or anime stories of the same type. Obviously this is a manga that I do not recommend.

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