Print Review: Miracle Girls volumes 1-3

Miracle Girls volumes 1-3

Miracle Girls volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

Miracle Girls looks like it would have been a fairly average shoujo manga but at the time it was licensed the commitment to quality translation was not prevalent and in the end it is probably a title which will grate on the eyes of manga fans.

Toni (Tomomi) and Mika (Mikage) are two twin sisters. Mika is the smart one and Toni is the jock of the family. However they share one very important secret, they have the power to teleport when both of them are together. One day Mika asks Toni if she could pretend to be her for the school sports festival. Their Toni finds two people of importance, Jackson, a handsome boy that is often at odds with Mika and Mr. Kageura a creepy science teacher who would love nothing more than to find proof of supernatural powers like those that Toni and Mika have.

Miracle girls is the type of magical girl story that American audiences aren't as familiar with as compared to their costume and plastic wand type cousins. This however is a manga that is definitely aimed at girls with an art style which is soft and airy even by the standard of the average shoujo manga. The content of the story can feel a bit juvenile at times but overall the plot is somewhat around average. However what really kills this manga is the liberties in localization which were common at the time it was translated but have since become the bane of manga fans everywhere. However this is only an average shoujo manga so I wouldn't really recommend the effort needed to track down a better translation.

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