Print Review: Madara volumes 1-3

Madara volumes 1-3

Review Madara volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

Madara is a very different sort of action manga but unfortunately I didnít find it compelling enough to make itís differences worth recommending.

Madara is a young man with a body made of gadgets living in a peaceful village. Then one day the forces of Kongo under the evil emperor Miroku attack in their campaign of world conquest. Madara is able to fight the monsters of the army known as Moki with the help of his childhood friend Kirin. Madara also learns an important secret, that his body has been cut up and spread among Miroku's eight generals. Madara is a man of incredible power but can even he stand up to an army of demons and their dark emperor?

Madara is a fairly unique manga with a lot of odd things about it both good and bad. On the good side this manga is a fantasy story with a very different feel to it than the Tolkien by way of dragon quest motif which is common for the genre. It is also a manga that is presented left to right as it's creators wanted it to be. However not all of it is innovative twists as the characters feel a bit flat and unoriginal with the main character feeling more like an unmotivated cardboard cut out. It makes for a serviceable action series but I wouldn't recommend it to the wider manga reading audience.

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