Print Review: Time Stranger Kyoko volumes 1-3 (complete)

Time Stranger Kyoko volumes 1-3 (complete)

Review Time Stranger Kyoko volumes 1-3 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating good

This is a strange but fun magical girl story, although in parts it makes you wonder if the creator had her whole heart in this story.

In the 30th century the world is unified under one kingdom, the Earth kingdom and Kyoko Suomi is itís princess. However Kyoko doesnít like being a princess and would like to live as a normal girl with her friends. There is one way for her to accomplish this goal, she must wake up her twin sister Ui who has been asleep since she was born with the help of a series of magical jewels and the help of the twelve strangers. Things start out good for her when she finds out that she is the Time Stranger with powers that allow her to control time but where is she going to find the other eleven?

Time Stranger Kyoko is a magical girl manga that takes place in a magical world although one that is not your standard fantasy world. The plot in this manga is generally decent although at times it feels that there is short cuts made in the name of expediency (the beginning of volume three being the most obvious). What makes this manga really work is the art style which is rich and detailed. Although this is a pretty good manga it is a bit of a niche title and unless you are a big fan of either the genre of the creator (Arina Tanemura) you probably wonít get a big kick out of this title.

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