Print Review: Me and The Devil Blues

Me and The Devil Blues

Me and the Devil BluesWritten by WarpshadowRating excellent

Some manga are good because they tell a powerful story. Some are good because they have good artwork. However this manga has both.

Robert John was a poor black farmer living in the late twenties in Mississippi. He wanted to make a living as a bluesman but in all honesty he had no talent with a guitar. That was until he heard of a tale that you can make a deal with the devil by playing a song at the crossroads at midnight. Eventually he became desperate enough to try that and in the process became amazingly skilled at playing the guitar. However he is about to learn that making deals with dark powers can have nasty consequences even before they come calling for your soul.

If you read half as much manga as I do the prospect of reading a title that is truly different is quite intriguing. If you pick up Me and the Devil Blues you will get something that is not only truly different but also pretty amazing. Not only is the subject matter vastly different but the manga also delves into the inner psyche of its main character in a way that is very rare in manga. The artwork of this manga is not only well done but also draws the viewer into the story almost like a well directed movie can. This is a very mature manga that deals with subjects but does so in a matter that is likewise mature. If you consider yourself a fan of manga I suggest you do yourself a favor and get this manga.

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