Print Review: Pyscomm volumes 1-2

Pyscomm volumes 1-2

Review Psycomm volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating good

Overall this oel manga is a decent one, although it is only really worth your consideration if you like sci fi stories.

In the future everything is controlled by corporations. Even the face of war has been changed from a conflict between states to something that is rated and viewed on television. The stars of this ultimate reality show are psycomms, soldiers with supernatural powers. Mark Leit is one such Psycomm, a popular soldier who is the darling of Electo Media Corp with his ability to see into the future. Even with all the fortune he has had Mark still has emotional scars as he has lost friends to war. When he runs into an enemy that reminds him of a fallen comrade will Mark stay loyal to Electro Media Corp or will he desert?

Psycomm may be classified as an OEL manga but other than black and white artwork this comic feels more like a traditional American comic than something trying to ape manga, not that it is a bad thing. This story is set in a somewhat generic cyberpunk setting san urban sprawl but as this is mostly an action story the finer points of setting are usually glossed over. At least the story world doesn’t feel like a complete cliché. The artwork in this comic is decent but not outstanding as well. In fact the word decent pretty much describes most facets of Psycomm so I give it a tepid recommendation.

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