Print Review: Legend of Chun Hyang

Legend of Chun Hyang

Review Legend of Chun HyangWritten by WarpshadowRating good

While there is some question on whether Korean comics can be called manga I am pretty sure that it is still manga if a Japanese artist writes about Korea. This one volume manga makes me somewhat interested in learning more about the Countryís mythology.

In the land of Koriyo there are hundreds of villages, each ruled by a Yang Ban. Some of the Yang Banís are corrupt such as the one that runs the village where Chun Hyang lives. Chun Hyang is a spirited girl who is skilled at the martial arts and is the daughter of Wall Mae a medicine woman. One day the Yang Ban notices Wall Mae and kidnaps her. Will Chun Hyang be able to save her, perhaps with the help of the mysterious traveler Mong Ryong?

The Legend of Chun Hyang is a one volume long adventure manga by the famous Manga artists, CLAMP. Being only one volume long there isnít enough room to have a complex story. Instead there is what looks to be an intro story and another short arc (it seems that there could have been some idea of having this go on further) as well as a short story about Chun Hyang when she was a child. The characters are a bit two dimensional but not annoying. The art is nice but not great. This manga is good for CLAMP completists and those looking for something that doesnít require commitment.

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