Print Review: Ragnarok volumes 1-3

Ragnarok volumes 1-3

Review Ragnarok volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

This manga reads like a console rpg. The problem is that for the price of a few volumes one could purchase a console rpg and get colors and sound to boot.

Chaos and Iris Irine are nothing more than simple adventurers, or so they think The truth is that the war of the gods that happened one thousand years ago is fated to occur again and the two are destined to play a major part in it. Even now other players in this great event gather to decide the fate of both humanity and the gods on the field of battle.

Ragnarok is an epic with several plots converging and weaving into each other. It has the makings of a great manga if it weren't burden by baggage from to emulate the average fantasy rpg. For example the main protagonist of the story is billed as an 8th level rune knight. The other major flaw in this manga is the frequency of the fight scene is somewhat excessive and the has the tendency to drown out the other aspects of the story. The fighting as well as other aspects of the manga are nicely drawn though. I wouldn't really recommend this title except for the times when you are looking for a cheap, brainless entertainment type of series to read and you see this title on sale.

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