Print Review: Zodiac PI volumes 1-4 (complete)

Zodiac PI volumes 1-4 (complete)

Review Zodiac PI volumes 1-4 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

An interesting cross of genres is something that makes Zodiac PI a worthwhile read even if the rest of the manga is nothing more than average.

Lili Hoshizuma is an energetic young lady who is also a skilled fortune teller. She has a special leg up on other fortune tellers as she has a special star ring that allows her to summon astral spirits of the zodiac to help guide her predictions. She uses this power to solve crimes while using the name of Spica. Even with her star ring Lili couldn’t ever predict the return of her childhood friend Hiromi (who despite the name is a boy) who is also skilled in solving mysteries.

The main hook of Zodiac PI is how the manga takes a standard detective story and adds a magical girl twist to it. What makes it work is that the manga still remembers that it is a mystery story and limits the magical qualities to chibi spirits giving Lili a couple of clues that other investigators wouldn’t have. She doesn’t even have a magical girl costume although as a fashionable young lady she does wear a number of outfits throughout the series. The shojo elements of the story are not forgotten as ample time is given to the burgeoning relationship between Lili and Hiromi. Overall I consider Zodica PI to be a decent if slightly different shojo manga that might not be at the top of my recommendation list but still fun to read of you get the chance.

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