Print Review: No Need For Tenchi volumes 1-3

No Need For Tenchi volumes 1-3

Review No Need For Tenchi volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good

Unlike most manga with an anime show or six in the franchise the manga did not come first. Even though it is set in the Oav universe expect some adaptation decay.

The life of Tenchi Masaki has always been chaotic since the seal on Ryoko was released which caused a chain reaction which ended up with him having several alien women live with him. This chaos slowed to a slow boil ever since Kagato was defeated but unfortunately for Tenchi and company he wasn't the only mad genius in the galaxy (other than Washu). As luck would have it one of those scientists is interested in our protagonists and is sending a minion who looks nearly identical to Ryoko their way. No one said life would be uneventful.

Fans of the Tenchi Muyo Franchise have been looking for a continuation of the Oav continuity and for a long time this manga was the the answer. However even if this manga takes place in the same universe as the oav it lacks the same intensity that the original Tenchi Muyo anime had. While the opening story arc is pretty interesting the last part of the second volume and the third volume consists of lackluster side stories that amount to nothing more than page filler. Although there is the probability that the manga will return to More action packed material in the future I have the feeling that this manga will continue to seesaw for the rest of itís run. This manga isnít all around bad but it is nothing that I would recommend unless you need to get your hands on anything Tenchi Muyo Related.

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