Print Review: Please Save My Earth volumes 1-5

Please Save My Earth volumes 1-5

Review Please Save My Earth volumes 1-5Written by WarpshadowRating very good

A while back I said in one of my reviews that watching the Please Save My Earth Oav will make you read the manga. Well I was right, not that I really mind.

Alice Sakaguichi is a sensitive girl who can practically hear the feelings of plants and animals. One day she overhears two students talks about the dreams they have. They are dreams of a past life on the moon that are more complete than normal dreams. They also have reason to believe that Alice is a part of that past life on the moon. Alice is also troubled by an incident in which she let a boy fall from a balcony although this too has connections to incidents of past lives.

Please Save My Earth is a shojo manga that is fairly old but is one that can still speak to modern audiences. Perhaps itís biggest draw is the fact that it is a bit more complex than most stories without deliberately trying to confuse the reader. This mostly is attributable to how the story can carry several plot threads without having them tangle up so to speak. The characters are also a bit unusual to the benefit of the reader. I found the character of Rin to be especially interesting although for spoiler reasons I canít really say why. Overall Please Save My Earth is a manga series that I believe has a wide audience and is one that is well worth reading.

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