Print Review: Neon Genesis Evangelion volumes 1-6

Neon Genesis Evangelion volumes 1-6

Review Neon Genesis Evangelion volumes 1-6Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

The manga adaptation of Evangelion is decent enough to be a worthy addition to the franchise although it is something that you really only should buy if you feel like going through the same story in both anime and manga format.

Shinji Ikari has been summoned by his negligent father to work at the secret organization known as NERV. When meeting with his contact, a woman named Misato the two are attacked by a monster code named an Angel. These two events are no coinsidence as Shinji is in fact the chosen pilot of Evangelion Unit 1, a secret weapon made to defeat the angels. He is quickly thrown into battle without any prior training in a fight against an unknowable enemy. The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a few children including Shinji.

Unlike most manga tis is an adaptation of an anime show rather than the other way around. If one is only mildly interested in reading an Evangeion manga and has seen the anime show I would suggest staring at volume four when the narrative starts to diverge from the anime as opposed to being a near rote retelling of it. The artwork is serviceable as I feel that it is neither excellent to the point of convincing some one to read this on it’s artwork merits or it an amateurish detriment say the way say Angelic days was. Overall I would recommend the anime series over this but the manga is worthwhile either as an addition to the collection of any eva fan or possibly as a replacement for the anime show for those that really prefer manga.

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