Print Review: Full Metal Alchemist volumes 1-13

Full Metal Alchemist volumes 1-13

Review Full Metal Alchemist volumes 1-13Written by WarpshadowRating Excellent

A truism among many shows is that the manga series is somewhat better than any anime show it spawns. In the case of a show that is as great as Full Metal Alchemist such a great show can only mean a great manga as well.

The science of alchemy is capable of many great feats although even it has itís rules. The brother Elric crossed the line when the tried to resurrect their mother, a fiasco which ended with Edward losing and arm and a leg and Alphonse being reduced to a soul in a suit of armor. Eager to regain their old bodies Edward takes up an offer to join the military as it is the only way to gain the research materials and knowledge they need. However in a world where the only constants are that nothing is what it seems and the iron law of equivalent exchange how far into the abyss will the brothers travel?

Really good and art comes in two flavors; art that defines genres and art that defies genres. Full Metal Alchemist falls in the second category. One could call this manga fantasy or shonen adventure but these descriptions and the expectations that come with them are ill-suited to this manga without alienating their prospective audience. This manga is something that would be of interest to those that have seen the anime; especially volume 8 and beyond when the story goes in a different direction. Even before that though the story is rich and contains all the scenes that you really need to see from the anime. Overall this manga is one of the few that I would simply recommend to anybody who even touches manga.

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