Print Review: Once upon a Glashma volume 1 (complete)

Once upon a Glashma volume 1 (complete)

Review Once upon a Glashma volume 1 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

I canít say that I was too impressed with this manga but at least it didnít take too long to read.

Once upon a time the world was filled with girls and wizards were only a myth. One day throughout all the world all the girls vanished without a trace. The men on the other hand began to gain magical powers. Nipori and Gotandal are members of the new magic section of the census bureau that classifies all the new magic users. Their job catapults them into one misadventure after another and may be even into the reason why all the girls are gone.

As a manga that only last a total of one volume Once Upon A Glashma is a bit of a disappointment. Perhaps my biggest problem with this manga is itís lack of a strong plot. With only one volume to tell the whole story it may have been a mistake to fill the first half of it up with unconnected stories. One other clarification should be made about the story, even though most of the story happens without the presence of females considering this to be part of the boys love genre would be a mistake. Overall I found this manga to be vaguely interesting story with potential that wasnít fully realized. I only bought this because it looked different but since most of you arenít reviewers you can pass on this one.

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