Print Review: Zombie Powder volumes 1-4 (complete)1 (complete)

Zombie Powder volumes 1-4 (complete)1 (complete)

Review Zombie Powder volumes 1-4 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

Shonen adventure manga have a habit of going on for what seems like forever but at least with Zombie Powder there is a story that doesn’t require a commitment.

There is a legend saying that there are twelve rings of the dead that produce a substance called zombie powder. Zombie powder is a miraculous substance that can grant immortality or even bring the dead back to life. Elwood wanted the powder to help his sister but had little hope of finding it since he was under the thumb of a local gang. That was until a super powered swordsman Gamma Akutabi came in a wiped the gang out. Since his sister was killed in the battle Elwood decided to follow Gamma to find a way of bringing her back to life.

I know I am supposed to provide concrete reasons why someone should or should not check out a given manga in my manga reviews but in this case it may be a bit hard. The reason is that the biggest thing that separates this from your run of the mill action story is an ineffable sense of cool that surrounds the story. Being only four volumes long (partially due to the inclusion of three short stories) it is a bit more manageable than your usual shonen adventure that seems to go on forever although the place chosen for the ending points does feel a bit more like an aborted arc than a true finale. I recommend Zombie powder for those looking for a short but decent action series or just want something to read during the time between Bleach volumes are released.

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