Print Review: Unbalance Unbalance volumes 1-2

Unbalance Unbalance volumes 1-2

Review Unbalance Unbalance volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

After reading Unbalance Unbalance I had one question, What Is the Korean word for Tsundere?

Jin Ho and Hae Young first met when Jin Ho found Hae Youngís purse and returned it to her. This would have started their relationship off well but Hae young notices that some of the money is missing and blames him. It would have been just an unfortunate incident but when Jin Ho finds out who his home room teacher is it is the foundation of a horrible new school year. Being a stubborn high school student Jin Ho is bound to get into other kinds of trouble with Hae Young but will he be able to get out of hot water?

Romantic comedies especially those aimed towards men all have their fetishes that they pander to and in this case it is hot teachers and the tsundere phenomenon. As it turns out those two flavors work well together since Hae Young is a Teacher she is in a natural position to chew out Jin Ho when he screws up. The story is fairly fan service laden but if you like that sort of thing this manhwa (Korean term for manga) is blessed with more than decent artwork so it might not be a bad thing. I found this to be an above average romantic comedy but I donít think anybody outside of itís target audience will like it all that much.

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